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Ultimate Flight Experience

Chicago Skyline Tours - Call 708-299-8246

Chicago Skyline Experience – Call 708-299-8246

Created for the aviation passionate, this is a comprehensive and remarkable experience available to Chicagoarea only – and what an experience !!

Our Ultimate Flight Experience Package begins with 2 hours in our Advanced Flight Simulator where you will fly the route ahead of your actual flight! Our photo-realistic maps will help you identify all landmarks before your flight!

Gift Certificates for Flying! Call 708-299-8246

Gift Certificates for Flying! Call 708-299-8246

Pre-flight, instrument briefing, basic aerodynamics, fundamentals of flight and simulated flight maneuvers taught by certified instructors will enhance your aviation knowledge and prepare you for the upcoming flight!


All the flight instruments and some of the procedures will be explained in a professional environment.

We will take care of the transportation to the airport, where you will meet a Certified Flight Instructor and take approximately half-hour Ground Instruction and Pre-Flight Instruction – Preflight Preparations, Weather and Flight Planning.

Chicago Skyline Tours

Chicago Skyline Flight Experience with CFII

Next: the actual flight!
You will be completing a flight to see the amazing Chicago Skyline at the controls of a Cessna 162/172 or similar single engine aircraft with a Certified Flight Instructor. Other destinations are possible if we can approve the flight plan.

Debriefing awaits and then the trip back to the city.

Total time of the experience is close to 6 HOURS (!). At the end of the day, you will have a very good idea about Aviation, General Aviation, Flight Instructing, Different types of Pilot Licenses, Costs associated with flight training, Airport Operations and you’ll probably have a ton of pictures you want to share with your friends!

What a great way to spend the day!
This is the ultimate gift package for any aviation enthusiast!

Package pricing available at 708-299-8246.
If you are interested in a shorter flight discovery, you can see our Flight Discovery Packages here.

Wow your friends! Do something truly COOL! Book today: 708-299-8246

Impress your friends! Do something truly COOL! Book a flight today: 708-299-8246!

Please allow time to make the arrangements. Weather and other factors may delay our intended date, but rest assured –  we will work together and keep you updated throughout the process.

Michael S. - CFII / ATP / Retired Captain - FSX Instructor

Michael S. – CFII / ATP / Retired Captain – FSX Instructor

Chris M - CFII/ATP - Instructor FSX Chicago - Flight School

Chris M – CFII/ATP – Instructor FSX Chicago – Flight School

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