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General Aviation (GA) is all civilian flying except scheduled passenger airlines.
It’s just that simple and complex!

GA includes flying as diverse as a weekend visit back home and overnight package delivery; as different as emergency medical evacuation and a morning sightseeing flight in a balloon or light sport aircraft; as complementary as aerial application to keep crops healthy and helicopter traffic reports to keep drivers informed of rush-hour delays.

There are many similarities between how people use their automobiles and how GA pilots use their small aircraft. So if you know anything about how America’s roads and highways work, then you’re well on your way to understanding America’s air transportation system.

Like the family automobile, the family airplane (owned or rented) can provide mobility and pleasure, and it’s almost always a more enjoyable trip by air (after all, every route up there is scenic!). In fact, you might be surprised by just how similar your car is to an airplane.

More and more people are discovering that general aviation is fast, efficient, and safe, opening a whole new vista of travel opportunities. For both business and personal travel, general aviation means going where you want to go (not just where the airlines go), when you want to go (free from airline schedules), and in whatever degree of privacy you desire. The payoff is greater transportation flexibility and productivity than any other mode of travel can provide!

An estimated 65 percent of GA flights are conducted for business and public services that need transportation more flexible than the airlines can offer. That flexibility can be a hometown businessman flying his own small airplane to see four clients on a one-day, 700-mile circuit, or it can be a CEO and five staff members working at 30,000 feet while en route to a major meeting.

Learning to fly general aviation aircraft is well within the capabilities of the average person, intellectually and physically. Even some disabilities (deafness, for instance) need not keep a person who really wants to fly out of the cockpit.

General aviation has an excellent safety record. More than 90 percent of the roughly 240,000 civil aircraft registered in the United States are GA aircraft. And of the nation’s approximately 625,000 pilots, an estimated 500,000 fly general aviation airplanes.

Then and… now

FSX Chicago started in late 2013 with the integration of technology into the General Aviation and Flight School Curriculum. Our Flight Center, right in the middle of the city, is a very convenient innovation allowing more time to be used training rather than commuting to the local airports.

We are one of the premier flight schools in Chicago with a 24/7 Aviation Training Center attached and open to private pilots, student pilots, commercial pilots, ATP, aircraft owners and to general public. Our scheduling is done online: you can book in advance our aircraft or any of our flight simulators.

We have all the tools for you to achieve your flight training goals. Our services range from Chicago Skyline Tours, Intro Flights to Sport, Recreational, Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot Training, General Aviation Aircraft (available for rental at member rates), Aviation Ground School, Instrument Proficiency Checks, Flight Reviews and more.

We like to think we offer an atmosphere that is kind of unique and different: comfortable and functional environment, helpful and knowledgeable staff, courteous customer service, skilled instructors, and well maintained and safe aircraft.

FSX CHICAGO Ground School

“Ground School” is a term used in the aviation industry to indicate the necessary training that takes place in a classroom, as opposed to in the cockpit of an airplane. Ground School courses provide the theoretical introduction to aerodynamics, engines and systems, weather, navigation, and many other subjects.

The ground schools courses offered by FSX Chicago are designed to go well beyond the FAA-mandated curriculum and include a substantial emphasis on safety and operational issues in addition to the required technical subjects.

While we make sure that all students are prepared to successfully pass the FAA knowledge test, we are committed to the notion that all of our students should be thoroughly grounded in theory and practical understanding:  consequently our ground schools are far more thorough and interactive than what is typically found in the industry.

We pride ourselves on top-notch instruction from experienced instructors and allow for plenty of time for questions and interactions with fellow students in the class in addition to “hands on” experience with airplanes in our simulators or in our hangars, and we always are sure to make our classes fun and enjoyable for all!

With the aid of our motion simulator and with a very modern classroom, FSX Chicago is one of the most advanced aviation centers in Chicago.

You are welcome to attend our ground school! You do not have to be a FSX Chicago member.
Pick up an Open Door Event and come see us in action!

FSX Chicago Flight Simulators

Ground School and Flight Simulators are based in Chicago’s famous and quiet Suburb, Oak Park –  only 5 miles West of Downtown Chicago (next to Oak Park) Green line Stop.

Flight School X Chicago is a training center built by pilots, managed by pilots and instructors. We are an aviation hub in the heart of the City. We provide different levels of training devices and a wide range of experiences.

Our Motion Simulator uses a platform shared by military applications with realistic feel of forces. This is an outstanding tool to improve your skills as a Student Pilot, Pilot or somebody whom just discovered aviation. The graphic package includes 4k technology, head tracking technology and touch technology to bring aviation in 21st century. We also capture real time video for use in classroom or to better analyze performance.

We are proud to have a team of very experienced instructors, passionate about teaching and flying, with thousand hours of flight instructing and many  thousand as Airline Pilots, Charter Pilots or Regional Jet Pilots.

Experience shows (in average) people using Flight Simulators (the right way) will use 30 to 50% less hours in the aircraft (as many procedures can be taught on the ground), saving a lot of money, increasing confidence and safety.

We currently use 7 flight simulators at our Oak Park location covering all General Aviation needs and beyond. Once ready, we then conduct our training flights out of West Chicago – DuPage Airport.

Private Pilot (PPL)

Every year thousands of people around the world take the first step into aviation’s finest arena: they become private pilots or light sport pilots.

The private pilot license (PPL) can be compared to your driving license and is a must for anyone who pursues a career as an aviator. Like your driving license it gives you certain privileges and limitations. You can act as pilot in command on the airplanes you are rated for and can bring along passengers.

Before getting the PPL you need a certain amount of training. You need a minimum of 40 hours flight time and you have to pass a written exam. This is a computer based multiple-choice test of 60 questions.

While studying for the written you start flying with an instructor. He or She will teach you the basics needed to safely maneuver an aircraft. And after 15-20 hours of flight time you make your first solo flight.

The next 20-30 hours you will do cross country flights to learn how to properly navigate, solo training flights and solo cross country flights. When your instructor feels the necessary skill level is reached he or she signs you up for a “check ride”.

A “check ride” is conducted by a certified examiner and usually done in the airplane you learned how to fly. You start with an oral exam of about an hour. Here you are asked questions to test the knowledge level and you cover a pre-planned cross country flight. After passing the oral part of the “check ride” you fly.

The flying part of the PPL check ride takes from an hour to two hour and a half. Here you cover the basic maneuvers, navigation skills, perform take offs and landings. Often the ride is started of as a cross country flight where you fly the first check points on the cross country route before doing maneuvers and finish of with landing rounds at the airport.

After passing the check ride the examiner will issue you a temporary PPL and you are now an FAA pilot.

FSX Chicago offers excellent member rates for renting our Skyhawk or Light Sport Aircraft. Take advantage of our Motion Simulator to practice crosswind approaches, Instrument approaches, landings at unfamiliar airports, emergencies, com and nav, etc.

Student Pilot

The unique set-up of FSX Chicago, allows you to experience aviation in all environments. Combining Flight Simulation with Real Flight Training, we get excellent results and this is demonstrated as the most cost effective method of training.

For the Student Pilot, we offer a few options: the BATD or AATD can be used to log up to 2.5 hours towards a PPL certificate, and other machines are available for VFR training with or without an instructor.

Our machines use photorealistic maps and enclosed environment to recreate very closely VFR flights. They are also an invaluable resource for the Theoretical or Ground Preparation part of your exam.

Student Pilot preparation during all phases of training:

  1. cockpit familiarization;
  2. instrument panel functions and limitations;
  3. basic and advanced aerodynamics;
  4. checklists use and procedures;
  5. ground procedures and communications;
  6. use of charts and taxi diagrams;
  7. flying techniques and emergencies;
  8. pilotage and dead reckoning;
  9. pattern work, landings, Xwind landing techniques;
  10. PTA standards and final exam prep.

Optional: Ground School and FAA Test Prep.

Let’s see some examples:

Hours      Best Rate                     Instructor       Total

Private Pilot License                        40.00        $120.00                        $45.00              $6,600.00

Sport License                                     20.00        $120.00                        $45.00              $3,300.00

Recreational                                       30.00        $120.00                        $45.00             $4,950.00



Ground School Class                       $24.00                                             $15.00              $360.00

Simulator Hours                              $50.00      $25.00                                                     $1,250.00

Instrument Rating

Instrument rating refers to the qualifications that a pilot must have in order to fly under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules). It requires additional training and instruction beyond what is required for a Private Pilot certificate or Commercial Pilot certificate, including rules and procedures specific to instrument flying, additional instruction in meteorology, and more intensive training in flight solely by reference to instruments.

Testing consists of a written exam and a practical test (known more commonly as the check ride). The check ride is divided into an oral component to verify that the applicant understands the theory of instrument flying and an actual flight to ensure the pilot possesses the practical skills required for safe IFR flight.

Requirements for Instrument Rating are:

– 50 hours of Pilot in Command cross country;

– 40 hours of simulated or actual instrument time;

– 15 hours of flight instruction towards Instrument Rating.

Our Flight Simulators must be the perfect way of learning and staying on top of Instrument Flight Rules. We can recreate all approaches/departures/routes needed and all sorts of meteorological conditions (from 1/4 visibility to 0 visibility), all existing airports and airfields.
Our Advanced Aviation Training Device can be used to log 10 hours towards your Instrument Rating.

Flight Instructor

As a flight instructor you gain experience by teaching others to fly. This way you learn the material extremely well (learning by teaching) and you get paid to fly. This is a very common way to start a flying career in the United States.

The instructor licenses come with ratings limiting you to certain areas of instruction. A regular instructor for instance can only instruct private pilot and commercial pilot students on single engine aircraft.

To do instrument instruction an instrument instructor rating (CFII) is needed. Further to train students in multi engine aircrafts you need a multi engine instructor certificate (MEI).

Flight Training

Discover Aviation in the friendliest environment possible.

Here’s what you need to become a pilot with FSX Chicago:

FLIGHT TRAINING                            HOURS                 MAX SIM             AIRPLANE            NAT.AVERAGE

SPORT, RECREATIONAL                  20/30                     2.5                          25/35                     60

PRIVATE PILOT                                   40                           2.5                          45                           80

COMMERCIAL PILOT                        250                         50                           250                         NA

ATP                                                           1,500                     50                           1,500                     NA

INSTRUMENT RATING                     40                           10                           40                           NA

For the experienced pilot, we offer BATD’s, FAA approved, for training and logging up to 10 hours towards Instrument Rating certification and AATD’s allowing up to 50 hours towards a commercial license. High precision yoke, rudder and control panel, with realistic feel and response.

The active VFR Pilot is also welcome to our facilities. We can provide:

– VFR flight to an unfamiliar airport;

– EMERGENCIES (best way to practice engine failures and equipment failures, partial panel, partial power, electrical failures, etc.);

– VFR flight into IMC and techniques to get-a-way;

– Pilotage (based on photorealistic maps);

– Pattern work, crosswind landings;

– General refresher for all PPL requirements.

The non-current Pilot:

This is the best way to get back in aviation. Get a few hours in one of our aviation training devices and all will start coming back. You will do this at a FRACTION of the price of renting an aircraft. You can do it yourself, with one of our instructors or with your own instructor.

Procedures, Emergencies, Stalls, Steep Turns, Pattern Entry, Uncontrolled Airfields, Communications, Navigation, all can be accurately recreated in our environment, where you will FEEL and actually fly an aircraft.

For the Pilot whose currency lapsed, our Training Center is one of the best possible ways of refreshing your memory. In less than two hours you will be re-connected with all the procedures and maneuvers, leaving the currency flight to be fun and enjoyable.

For the Instrument Rated Pilot in need for an Instrument Proficiency Check we offer our AATD or our aircrafts at very good rates!

Flight Discovery

Discovery Flights are the best way to get introduced to aviation. You will be hands on controls, get to know our instructors and the FSX Team and our facilities. Additional Simulator Hours are available before your flight at a discounted rate.

Experience pre-flight checks, weather briefing, flight planning and airspace just like professionals.
Our instructors will point out many interesting things about aviation during your pre-flight and flight.

You can choose from a 30 minute or 60 minute flight or pick our popular Ultimate Flight Experience Package.
Here are some Flight Discovery Highlights:
– Hands on training;

– Flight with very experienced Flight Instructors;

– Proven Cessna 172 Training Aircraft;

– Many photo opportunities;

– Official Training Flight (you can log the time towards your license);

– Downtown Chicago or a destination of your choice (pending Instructor’s approval).

The first flight you do is usually what leaves the biggest impression on future pilots and can make you really want to pursue becoming a pilot. A few flights is usually a better idea to get a better feel for it.

Drone Operations

Are you a drone operator? Joining the fast rising of Unmanned Vehicles? Interested in Public Safety? PRIVACY? LEGISLATION? 333 Exemption?


Take our Safety Seminar before taking to the skies! Learn how to use the National Airspace and how to comply with current legislation. Learn from experienced Pilots and Drone Pilots and with the aid of our Modern Aviation Flight Center and FAA Part 61 School:

– Learn about FAA Legislation and your limitations when operating a drone;

– Understand, Manage and Mitigate Risk;

– Understand Technology: How Radio Control Works, Limitations of Remote Control;

– Video Transmission, Photography, Stabilized Video Solutions, Surveying and Rescue;

– Find opportunities within this new industry.

New Technology

We are true believers in technology. We have integrated it in our real cockpits, we learnt how to use it and we are improving it every day. We are always seeking new technologies to be incorporated and adopted in our cockpits.

We are now testing the boundaries of reality with new headset technology.

Besides GA aviation, FSX Chicago is interested in evolving along Unmanned Vehicles. Our RC club: www.flyingym.com is another community of avid aviators. The fast rise of drones and other unmanned vehicle will shape our future and most definitely our kids’ future.

Technology is here to stay. Come and discover all these technologies with us. Call/Text 708-299-8246 and became a member of Chicago Flight Simulator today.

FSX Chicago makes use now of Advanced Aviation Training Devices, Motion Simulators and even cutting edge technology like Oculus Rift.

Fun Activities

While serious about flight training, we can always have bit of fun! General Aviation is all about having fun! Come check our FUN programs and don’t delay: join our FSX Chicago today!

On selected nights, FSX Chicago becomes… LIVE COMBAT – AFTER DARK! A real time dog flight on virtual skies to see who is the last one standing… or should we say… flying! Club members have priority and reduced rates; you can join us today for as little as $10/month.

Fly any dream aircraft using our motion simulator. We can have a 737 or a twin ATR or a Piper Warrior! We have over 75 aircraft available including war birds! See if you can make it back to the runway! Can you land on a carrier? Test your pilot skills in these special FSX Chicago events!

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We sincerely hope will make a difference in your training goals.
We are dedicated, hard working and safety oriented.
These are our the contact details:

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