FSX Chicago

Flight School, Aviation Center, Flying Lessons, Aircraft Rental, Skyline Experience, Aviation Pilot School, Flight Simulator

FSX Chicago-Cessna Pilot Center-Let’s Fly!

FSX Chicago Flight School, CFI, CFII, MEI.

FSX Chicago Flight School, CFI, CFII, MEI. Cessna Pilot Center

FSX Chicago - Flight School

FSX Chicago – Flight School

Student Pilots – Sport and Private Pilot License training with very experienced CFIS/CFI/CFII. Faster results, increased safety and refined techniques and skills – Flights out of Dupage Airport. Use our Simulators and 2.5 hours can be officially logged towards your PPL license. CFIS/CFI/CFII available at efficient rates! Get a chance to practice maneuvers, landings, communication, navigation! PTS at a fraction of a cost and with increased safety! This is one of our best programs with fast and immediate results. Rent our Aircraft at great rates! Call 708-299-8246 for more info.

Cessna 162

FSX Chicago – Cessna 162

Flight School, Aviation Center, Flying Lessons, Aircraft Rental, Skyline Experience , Aviation Pilot School, Flight Simulator!

Flight School X Chicago

Flight School X Chicago (FSX Chicago) – Cessna Pilot Center

Training and Flight Simulation

Training and Flight Simulation

Student/Private Pilots – Flight Reviews. Returning to flight? – Finish your Private Pilot License! Start your journey today! Certified Flight Instructors with thousand of hours of instructing – AATD’s for Private Pilots working back their currency, weather related scenarios, flight training, maneuvers, procedures, emergencies, ground, towered and non-towered communication and navigation, pilotage, true VFR flights. Flights into unfamiliar airports, airspace, sod, dirt and narrow strips, short field takeoff techniques, shortfield landings, crosswind landings and more! Call 708-299-8246 today!

Advanced Aviation Training Device

Advanced Aviation Training Device

Instrument Rating – Pilots working towards their instrument rating can log up to 10 hours in a BATD/AATD device and 50 hours towards Commercial License in our AATD devices. CFII available for expert training. IFR rated pilots who want to become and stay proficient on instruments, refresher course, instrument proficiency checks and much more. Find out more today!


Chicago Flight School

Chicago Flight School – Photo Realistic Flight Simulator – Single Engine / Complex Aircraft.

Skyline tours and Intro Flights - Call 708-299-8246 today!

Skyline tours and Intro Flights – Call 708-299-8246 today!

FSX Chicago – is an instructor , pilot and student pilot driven community where GA advanced tools are used for pilot safety, developing or maintaining flying skill, building confidence, adding knowledge. Located at the intersection of Roosevelt Rd and Harlem Ave in Berwyn IL, access is easy from all corners of the city! Call 708-299-8246, a friendly instructor will answer all your questions!

We are one of the premier flight schools in Chicago with a 24/7 Aviation Training Center attached and open to sport pilots, private pilots, student pilots, commercial pilots, ATP, aircraft owners and to the general public. Our scheduling is done online:  you can book in advance our aircraft or any of our flight simulators. If you are looking for Professional Certified Flight Instructors visit us today! Call 708-299-8246 for more information! Looking to build time? Call us today!


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